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Longhorn Band Student Association

Who We Are

We are the Longhorn Band Student Association! The Longhorn Band Student Association (LHBSA) is responsible for organizing student activities within the Longhorn Band. Our main purpose is to enhance the overall band experience for all involved. We are a registered student organization with the UT Dean of Students, with membership open to all Longhorn Band members. LHBSA sponsors numerous social events throughout the year along with the annual Longhorn Band Awards Banquet in the spring in order to celebrate and appreciate the people of LHB. Of course, none of the events described above are possible without your support!


What We’re Fundraising For

Through 40 for Forty, your donations will help the Longhorn Band Student Association enhance the overall band experience for every member and will help fund the organization’s annual costs. By making LHBSA membership more affordable through gifts, members can make lifetime friendships through our programs.



Your Impact

Our events bring people together and give them an opportunity to have fun and make friends outside of their busy schedule. Being a part of Band on campus on top of a college course load is a lot and it gets hard to find time to make, be around, and have fun with friends. LHBSA aims to alleviate this by making events, teams, and groups that are easily accessible to any and all members of LHB. Your support also helps host a special event once a semester to appreciate and celebrate the students of LHB and reward all of their time and energy put into LHB.


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